Web browsers have become an important part of the life of every PC, laptop, and smartphone user. With their help, users can seamlessly access the Internet, view available content and work with it. In modern conditions, it is impossible to imagine life without an Internet browser, since all the information in the world is contained on the Internet and, of course, to get it, you need to use a special software product. Vivaldi is a new, powerful, and fast web browser that will provide you with internet access and make your stay there pleasant and convenient. Download the official version of Vivaldi for free from our website and enjoy fast and secure internet usage.


The presented software product is a multiplatform application that runs and runs smoothly on the following operating systems:

  • Windows - download Vivaldi for free on Windows 7,8,10,11 as well as XP and Vista 32, 64-bit;
  • Mac OS - install this application for free on a PC and laptop running Mac OS;
  • Linux - download the utility to a Linux computer and verify the professionalism of the program from personal experience;
  • Android - download the mobile version of the presented browser to your smartphone or tablet and optimize your work with the device.

Vivaldi is an easy and intuitive program for working in the Internet space. The utility provides users not only with a standard set of browser functions, but also a considerable number of additional options and features:

  • Vivaldi account. With this training record, you can seamlessly synchronize data and tabs in the browser on multiple devices. This option will be extremely useful for users who work on multiple platforms.
  • Protection from advertising. The developers have made sure that the user's work in the application is pleasant, and that nothing distracts him. To solve this problem, they equipped the browser with a powerful ad blocker that not only hides unnecessary content, but also protects the user from pop-ups and spy sites.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. In the application, you can use quick commands to optimize your work and speed it up. You can easily use the presented set of keys or set new combinations yourself in the settings.
  • Group tabs. In order not to get confused in the multitude of open tabs and not to lose the necessary information, you can use the option of grouping multiple tabs under one main one. This way you will sort the open tabs and group them intelligently.


For convenient and pleasant work on the Internet, each user chooses a browser for a long time and carefully, which will satisfy all his requests and become a faithful guide to the world of digital information. Vivaldi is not just a web browser; it is a professional software product that will make networking convenient and enjoyable. Download the utility for free from our website to your PC, laptop or smartphone and optimize your work with the network space.